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Why is Casa Loma Famous


Casa Loma is a classic tourist attraction in Canada. The mansion has a lot of history, horror stories, which make it very famous. Without knowing, many of you may have seen the mansion in different Hollywood movies.

The famous Casa Loma is located at Austin Terrace, Toronto. Read the article to learn about the history and all the stories about the famous mansion.

History of Casa Loma

Casa Loma is a Spanish name. In English, it means “Hill House.” Henry Mill Pellatt built the mansion in 1911. It was designed by famous architect E.J. Lennox.

The gothic revival style building was named after “Casa Loma,” one of the mansion’s residents. Today, it’s one of Canada’s historic museums and landmarks.

Famous Ghost Stories of Casa Loma

There’s a lot of haunting stories about Casa Loma. The most famous one is the sighting of a white lady. Many of the guests and staff of the mansion have seen a white lady walking on the 2nd floor. However, few recent guests claimed to see the white lady in the basement too.

Because of the ghost stories built around Casa Loma, Canada’s Most Haunted (CMH) even offers a ghost tour in the mansion. So, if you love to be scared, you might want to try this tour.

Casa Loma in Hollywood Movies

Over the years, many popular movies used the famous Castle. X-Man, Strange Brew, The Tuxedo, The Pacifier, and Titans are some of the popular movies.

Moreover, Casa Loma has temporarily changed into Hogwarts ahead of the release of the famous fantasy movie “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.” Also, it was used for demonstrating the live-action of the movie “Beauty and the Beast.”

Exhibitions to Visit at Casa Loma

Over the years, Casa Loma arranged a few exhibitions. If you’re planning to go to the mansion, you should visit the following famous exhibitions:

Girl Guide Exhibit

Lady Pellatt often used to invite a girl guide to the mansion. So, in 1973, the authority arranged girl guide exhibitions in Casa Loma for the first time.

Vintage Car Exhibition

If you’re a fan of old cars, then you’ll love this exhibition. The garage and the carriage room feature many vintage cars from the early 1900s. It includes Ford Model T, Model A, Maxwell Model Q, and a few more collections.

Final Thoughts

Casa Loma is so famous not only in Canada but also around the world. If your next destination is Toronto, then this is a must-visit museum. The landmark has been standing there for more than 100 years.

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