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Water, Mold, Asbestos, Fire Damage Restoration

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What makes and how does mold grow

Mold is one kind of fungi that grows in the form of a multicellular strand. The multicellular strand is known as hyphae. Usually, fungi grow on dead organic platforms. You can’t see mold usually. But if it grows and is situated like a colony, then you can see mold. Mold colonies are known as mycelium

We know about mold a little bit. Now we will learn about what makes and how mold grows. In this writing, we will know about all of it. 

How does mold grow?

One kind of tiny spore helps mold to reproduce themselves. These small spores are similar to plant seeds. But it is smaller than seeds. 

Because of their size, they can spread quickly. Winds and water help them to spread all around. Also, they can be applied by clothes and fur perfectly. 

Mold spores can struggle in any tricky situation. In an environment not suitable for growing mold, mold spores can also live there until they find a unified platform for growth. They will increase when they find much and convenient water, wind, temperature, etc. 

Molds don’t use photosynthesis to make their energy. Usually, only green plants can do it. Molds gain power from dead organic platforms where they grow.

This procedure is called mold digest. Because it is unable to make energy, it exploits power from organic platforms.

What makes mold grow?

To grow correctly, mold needs four things. They are water, oxygen, food, and temperature. The main thing is temperature. 

Until mold gets into these four environmental situations, they don’t grow up. They wait for these. 

  •  Temperature: Temperature is the primary condition for growing mold. Under 4°C, mold cannot grow. Between 25°C and 30°C, mold grows appropriately if the air is humid. 
  • Water: Mold grows in a humid, damp, and wet environment. Mold uses water for growing and spreading. For this reason, we have to keep our walls, carpets, and other surfaces dry. Water provides mold moisture. 
  • Oxygen: Oxygen helps to survive. It needs a certain amount of oxygen to grow. But it can grow with a bit of concentration of oxygen. But it is effective for increasing. 
  • Food: Food is a fundamental thing for every organism. Mold also needs food. It exploits energy from dead organisms. It grows on a platform where it can digest energy. 

Mold can grow in any dead organism. So, be aware of it and don’t let it grow.

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