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What Makes Aga Khan Museum so Different?


The Aga Khan Museum in Toronto is a great place to visit to learn about the Islamic culture. This museum is specially dedicated to showcasing the contribution of Muslims to world heritage.

Hence, if you’re a Muslim or love to learn about different religions, then the Aga Khan Museum can be your next destination.

What Makes it Different

There are a lot of museums around the world dedicated to Islamic artifacts. But the Aga Khan Museum is not like any other museum. It’s different. But why? What makes it special?

Well, there are multiple reasons behind that. Some of them are:

  • The Aga Khan Museum is the only museum in North America to have a wide range of Islamic collections from different regions of the world. Calligraphy, clothing, ceramics, paintings, rare editions of the Quran, everything is there.
  • The museum includes more than 1,000 rare pieces of Islamic artifacts. Moreover, it displays some personal collections of His Highness Aga Khan.
  • The architecture of the building may look simple, but it’s complex geometry.

These brief explanations should give you an idea of why the Aga Khan Museum is different. Continue reading to know more about the museum.

Collections of the Museum

The Aga Khan Museum acquires, preserves, and displays every kind of artifact that reflects the contribution of different Muslim societies towards the world. Though it includes a myriad of objects, some of the popular collections of the museum are:

Qanun fi’l-Tibb

Qanun fi’l-Tibb, “The Canon of Medicine” was written by Avicenna. In the Museum, you’ll find the earliest known copy of the book. It is said to be written in 1052.

Blue Qur’an

The Blue Qur’an is very well known in Muslim societies. Here you’ll get a page of the Quran, which reflects the amazing Kufic Script.

Other Collections

Besides the above two, the Aga Khan Museum also has many ceramic metal works and paintings that depict Islamic history. Most of His Highness Aga Khan’s collections are Persian.


Besides the permanent collections, the museum also hosts multiple temporary exhibitions throughout the year. Keep up to date with the Museum’s website to know about any upcoming exhibitions.

Final Thoughts

Visiting the Aga Khan Museum, you’ll experience the hidden beauty of the muslim world. The objects in the museum are gems for every history student as well as people interested in Islamic history and culture. If you’re planning to tour somewhere in Ontario, you should include the Aga Khan Museum in the list.

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