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What is the Scarborough Civic Centre?


Scarborough Civic Centre is the heart of the Scarborough district in Toronto. The civic center is surrounded by a mind-pleasing environment, including a lot of trees, a waterfall, and a reflecting pool.

It is located at Borough drive of the district. The civic center was first introduced in 1973. Learn everything about the Scarborough Civic Centre in this article.

What is a Civic Center?

A civic center is a place within a community dedicated to the use of the public. The community considers the land as its center. In recent times, the term has been more popular to use as the business district of a society. It can include public buildings as well as government buildings.

Scarborough Civic Centre

Scarborough Civic Centre is the home of the Scarborough Community Council. It’s a community of councilors who represent different wards of the eastern district of Toronto. However, initially, the civic center was the municipal office for the district.

Exploring Scarborough Civic Centre

The building includes five floors in total. Every floor has many business centers.

When you enter the area, on the outside, you’ll find Albert Campbell Square. He was the first mayor of Scarborough. In the north, there’s the famous sculpture “The Hand of God” dedicated to Albert Campbell.

On the south side, there’s a wooded area. The place is called Frank Faubert Forest. He was the last mayor of Scarborough before it lost its city status.

The municipal office is on the fifth floor. The fourth floor in the west is the office of the Toronto District School Board.

Besides, the Toronto public library has its 100th branch inside the Scarborough Civic Centre. The library branch has a unique and naturalistic design that catches the eyes of every visitor.

Who Designed Scarborough Civic Centre?

Famous architect Raymond Moriyama designed the great building of Scarborough Civic Centre. Initially, after hearing about the existing buildings on the site, Moriyama planned to expand them. But when he visited the place, he changed his mind and built the Civic Centre. He wanted to preserve the oak trees in the area.

Opening Hours

The civic center is open from 9:00 in the morning to 8:00 in the evening. It’s open every day of the week except Sunday due to the weekly holiday. Usually, it’s available to the public for a visit during office hours

Final Thoughts

Scarborough Civic Centre in the district holds a great deal of the previous Scarborough city. Now, the central community runs its operations from the building.

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