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Toronto Pearson International Airport – The Largest Airport in Canada


Toronto Pearson International Airport is the largest and the busiest airport in Canada in case of handling traffic. If you’re planning to visit the great CN Tower and other tourist attractions in Toronto from outside Canada, you’re likely to travel through this airport.

Laster B. Pearson was the 14th Prime Minister of Canada who also won Noble in Peace. The airport was named after his honor. Get an in-depth idea of the Largest Canadian Airport in this article.

History of Toronto Pearson

Early in 1937, the government of Canada decided to build the airport. In August 1939, the first flight took off here. During World War II, the Royal Canadian Air Force built the base airport at the Pearson’s. The current name of the airport was officially adopted in 1984.

How to Travel to the Airport from the City

If you’re in Toronto and planning to travel somewhere, there are multiple ways you can go to the airport. Some of them are:

  • If you have family or friends, you can request them to drive you. It’s the best way to avoid the high cost of the local travel services.
  • However, if you don’t have any acquaintances, you can call a taxi. There are numerous taxi services in the city. Be careful about the time as the traffic often can delay your plan. Besides, the cost also can go up as meters continuously rise during the traffic.
  • Taking public transportation is also a good option for a tight budget. Not to mention, it will be a less pleasing travel experience.

These were some of the best options to go to the airport.

How to Get Out of the Airport

But what to do when you land at the airport? How do you get out? Well, you can take any of the ways below:

  • You can use car rental services available at the airport. The good thing is, you can book your car from many company’s websites too. The car will be waiting for you at the airport.
  • You also can take a taxi from in front of the airport. As we told you earlier, it’s going to be a little costly.
  • Lastly, an airport shuttle is also available for travelers. The shuttle operates every 20 to 30 minutes as the airport stays crowded most of the time.

These were the best options for you to get out of the airport.

Final Thoughts

We hope this article helped you to get in and out of the Toronto Pearson International Airport. When you’re visiting Toronto, you’ll also love to roam around the largest airport in Canada for a while.

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