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Royal Ontario Museum: The Largest Museum in Canada


Toronto, Canada offers some amazing tourist attractions. The Royal Ontario Museum is one of them. It is the largest museum in Canada to explore the cultural and natural history of the world.

The Royal Ontario Museum is located at Queens Park, Toronto. This article will give you a brief idea of the top attractions of the Museum.

Why is the Ontario Museum Royal?

The Royal Ontario Museum was opened to the public on 19th March, 1914. The Duke of Connaught helped do this and made it popular with the people. Initially, the building was created on the ROM act of the Ontario Legislature in 1912.

Top Attractions of the Royal Ontario Museum

So, what exactly does the Royal Ontario Museum offer to the visitors? Is it worth exploring the place? Well, you will know in a while. The Museum has two main galleries. One reflects natural history, while the other focuses on cultural history.

The following are the top attractions of the Royal Ontario Museum:

The Dinosaur Gallery

The dinosaur gallery in the museum depicts the ecological and biological life of dinosaurs. The major attraction of this gallery is the 90- foot skeleton of an ancient Barosaurus.

The Armour of William Herbert

Though there are many armour collections in the museum, this one is special. William Herbert was the first Earl of Pembroke. Because of his skill, King Francis I himself recommended Herbert to King Henry III.

Daphne Cockwell Gallery of Canada:First Peoples

Over a thousand artifacts depict the lifestyle of Canada’s earliest society. You’ll know about the economic and social conditions of that time.

Joey and Toby Tanenbaum Gallery of China

If you want to learn about the Chinese history, then this gallery is the best place in the Museum. The artifacts displayed in this gallery are ranked the best outside China.

The Striding Lion

If you know about the golden days of Babylon, you must have heard of the Striding Lion. Over 2,000 years ago, this iconic lion was built and moulded.

Schad Gallery of Biodiversity

On the 2nd floor, you’ll find the Schad Gallery of Biodiversity. The purpose of this gallery is to educate the public about the threat of extinction. At the entrance, a two ton Southern White Rhino greets visitors.

Final Thoughts

The Royal Ontario Museum is the best place for gaining knowledge on both different cultures and natural history. Besides the attractions explained above, there’s a lot more to explore in the largest museum of Canada.

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