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Toronto Mold asbestos removal pros-large scale Disinfection services

COVID-19 Mining Operations Disinfection

Our largest project to date happened during the novel COVID-19 pandemic in 2021. The Pros Network (Toronto Mold Asbestos Removal Pros Division) was tasked to provide 24hr disinfection services for the largest and most remote iron ore mining facilities in the world located in the high arctic circle after the government of Canada imposed a facility shut down to prevent the spread of the novel Corona virus among its workers and to prevent the virus from spreading into the remote Inuit communities. The Pros Network was chosen for this incredibly difficult responsibility due to our unique experience in providing on-demand disinfection services during this difficult time to healthcare, industrial, commercial, municipal operations and the average business that were deemed essential services and could not shut down due to the raging spread of COVID-19. What we were tasked with was never done before and involved the following:

  • Provide a comprehensive plan that involves constant disinfection of every area that humans hands touch throughout a multi-building facility that is sprawled on the arctic tundra during the 2021 winter in one of the most remote places on earth
  • Provide highly experienced technicians that are able to work in one of the most challenging environments on earth where the temperatures regularly hover around -20 to -40 Celsius in a constant daytime environment where the sun does not set for months
  • The ability to work on the largest equipment, machines and vehicles in the world in an outdoor/indoor setting
  • Logistics for transportation of disinfection services equipment including hundreds of litres of disinfecting solution to the high arctic where access is only available by large airplane
  • The ability to work all hours of the day 24/7 on a moments notice and to have the ability to work proactively when the client’s management is busy handling the every changing rigours dealing with a pandemic that is affecting staff and operations

” During the years of the COVID-19 pandemic it presented a very difficult time for almost every business that had to stay in operation. These companies didn’t have a plan or procedures in place to deal with a pandemic no business did and especially when they were losing workers everyday due to the spread of the virus. They were looking at us to come up with a management plan and to help them to figure out how to stay operating. For this multi-billion dollar mining facility which was located in the arctic circle literally at the top of the world they have never shut down in their history. This was a 24/7 operation and they were losing millions of dollars everyday by their normal daily operations being impacted. That’s a very big responsibility to take on when no one alive right now had experience in dealing with a pandemic in modern times. Yet we were able to do it under the most extreme circumstances with flying colours and they couldn’t thank us enough getting them through this during this time, and because of this we still maintain a great friendship with many from the company and it was one of the most memorable times in my life”.

Kevin Bourne, Operations
high arctic transportation -The Pros Network
The high arctic Nunavut- The Pros Network
large equipment transportation to the arctic- The Pros Network

Since very few companies during this time were certified to purchase and to apply anti-microbial disinfectant we were constantly providing around the clock disinfecting services for businesses where employees were dropping like flies and couldn’t come to work due to catching the virus. We apply disinfecting through fogging and manual spray & wipe application after accessing the particular project for ways the virus could be spreading and to identify areas for cross-contamination. We have a lot of experience for this type of work because the same applies for the spread of mold and asbestos contamination for which we work on a daily basis . For this project this was done in living and working facilities and thousands of items, every piece of equipment including tools, machinery etc. and hundreds of vehicles and at times travelling to high alpine snow and ice covered mountains where the some of the facilities, equipment and vehicles were located. The high arctic circle was our work environment for almost 10 weeks and few companies would have been able to do this due to the extreme difficulty. Since the workers do not go home for weeks at a time the spread of the virus had to be kept under control with comprehensive measures being taken in living quarters, eating areas, laboratories, workshops, production facilities and office spaces. This was done under careful planning, coordination with management and the ability to act on a moments notice as this project was ever changing due to the 24/7 operations.

“The logistics was very challenging to say the least. It involved multiple flights for personnel and equipment which took 5.5hrs to fly from the airport in Quebec to the arctic circle which only airline type aircraft are capable of. The machinery and vehicles we had to disinfect were the largest in the world. I mean the stuff you see on the Discovery Network or Science Channel. And in an environment most humans would only see on National Geographic…”

Kevin Bourne, Operations
The Pros Network technicians in extreme conditions
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Kevin Bourne Toronto Mold Asbestos Removal Pros - in the arctic circle

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