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Water, Mold, Asbestos, Fire Damage Restoration

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Mold is one of the most irritating organisms in the world which lives in your house. But you don’t know it. There are thousands of kinds of mold, and it grows in organic moisture platforms. It does not damage anything, but it is harmful to your health. So, if you want to keep your house healthy, you should keep mold away from your home. For keeping your house away from mold, at first, you have to know where you can find them in your home. From this writing, you will know where you can find mold in your house. We will say about six places in your home where you can find it.

6 Places where mold grows in your home

Here are the six places where you can find mold in your house.
  1. On the carpet
Dust, skin cells, drapes, and dirt are good food for mold. It is a thing you can find on your carpet. It is why mold can grow on your carpet so well. You should be aware.
  1. Around water heater
Mold needs four things to grow: temperature, oxygen, food, and water. Around the water heater, there is temperature and moisture. Mold can take oxygen from and food from near. So you can search for mold near the water heater.
  1. Around the pipeline
Mold also can grow in damp and wet places. Pipelines could be leaked, and there you find mold. Mold likes moist areas.
  1. Toothbrush holder
A toothbrush holder made of ceramics or glass is also a perfect place—waterfalls from the toothbrush to the holder. As we said before, mold is made for water. So, your toothbrush holder is not safe.
  1. On floor mats
We use floor mats every day. It helps keep mud, grass, a little bit of moisture, etc., away from the door. But, behind all of this, it creates a suitable position for mold to grow. You have to clean and dry your floor mats regularly.
  1. In potted plants
Everyone loves plants. Indoor potted plants are so cute. But, over-watering could be a reason for growing mold. For your over-watering, water will get stuck in the pot. It will help mold to grow on the surface of the soil and the top. So, make sure that you are not over-watering. Conclusion: Those were the six places in your house where you can search for mold. There are so many more places, but we tell you in what kind of places it can grow. Now it’s all of your business to search for mold in your house. Learn more about What to do if you find Toxic Black Mold Learn more about Mold Removal