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Plan a trip with your kids to Alex Marchetti Park, Richview, Etobicoke, Ontario, CA


Alex Marchetti Park, in Richview Neighborhood, is a famous park for the kids’ playground and fun activities.


Richview is a versatile neighborhood populated with different range income families and people from different backgrounds. The neighborhood has an excellent transportation route, shopping plazas, beautiful parks, health facilities, and much more.

It is located closer to Pearson International Airport, near the Royal York Road. The housing stock consists of Georgian Styled houses, split-level homes, and bungalows built in the 50s and 60s. Not just the owners but almost more than 50 percent of residents are living in rental apartments.

The neighborhood is located on the Eglinton Ave and Wincott Drive south-west corner that includes many shopping plazas, fashion boutiques, deli and bakery, gift shop, bank, jewelers shops, drug stores, travel agencies, restaurants, animal hospitals, and women fashion& beauty products stores.

In Richview, you have many recreational spots Richview Park is one of the largest recreational parks that offers baseball diamonds, tennis courts, children’s playgrounds, and sports fields. West grove park has an outdoor swimming pool and artificial Ice rink, Sun row park, Humber river, and many other places are for recreation.

Alex Marchetti Park

Among the best parks of Richview, Alex Marchetti Park is a wonderful park to visit for enjoying bike trails and playing with your kids. The park is located in the South of Dixon Road, following the Humber Creek ravine just west to the Royal York Road.

The park has two wider playgrounds for the children organized by different kids playing facilities. People from Richview and the nearest neighborhoods come there with their kids on the weekend to spend time. People came there to spend their leisure time or enjoy the greenery and wetlands on the holidays.

There are 13 bike trails where they can ride and enjoy a lot of fun and entertainment for bike lovers. Young people from Toronto come there for a bike ride. Not just that, you can enjoy nature, long walking trails, many spots to sit and read books, perform meditation. Park has more than 10 hectares wider area, which is the best spot for picnic and fun.

You can go there by following our driving instructions. The route that we follow Starts from 405 The West Mall #910, Etobicoke, ON M9C 5J1 to Alex Marchetti Park is almost 9.1 kilometers that may take 12 to 14 minutes to cover the distance with routine traffic.

Let’s start your car from the initial stop and go to Head west to cover a 25-meter distance, then turn on the left side onto the West mall and go for almost 140 meters. Then take a right turn onto Burnhamthorpe Rd and go for 350m, then take the ramp onto ON-427 N and go for 3.0 Km. Now take the exit onto ON-401 E and go for 2.5 km, then take exit 354 for Dixon Rd toward the Martin Grove Rd and keep driving for 450m. Do not leave the Fork; keep following the signs for Dixon Road E and then merge onto Dixon Rd and drive for 120m. Then merge onto Dixon Rd and go for 700m; you will reach to Petro-Canada building on the right side. https://goo.gl/maps/mxpobJbqmKuHsg916

Then go to Head east on Dixon Rd and drive for 32m, then take a right turn on the road and go for 17m. After that, take a right turn and go for another 20m distance; you will see RBC ROYAL Bank ATM on the left side of the road. https://goo.gl/maps/2TXWBa2LuW8xZ87D9

Next, go to Head east toward Dixon Rd for 20m, then, take a right turn and go for 17m, then turn onto the Dixon road by taking a right turn and go for 450 m. You will reach to I-Stitch by Diana. https://goo.gl/maps/woSvQ653McVaNzpT7

Go to Head east on Dixon Rd toward Chetta PI for 800m, then take a right turn onto Dixigton Crescent and keep driving for 120m; you will see Sultan Holdings Ltd building at the right side of the road. https://goo.gl/maps/K8RBgAahcbSE8qb58

You have almost reached the final destination; go to head southeast on Dixington Crescent for 41m, then turn to the right and go for only 130m. You will reach Alex Marchetti Park 1 Sun Row Dr, Etobicoke, ON M9P 2G2, Canada. https://goo.gl/maps/Gax5oTU7FZjmuESV8

Full Route: