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Get High-Quality Education at Micheline-Saint-Cyr Elementary School, Long Branch, Etobicoke, Ontario, CA


Micheline-Saint-Cyr Elementary School in the Long Branch neighborhood offers high-quality education in the French language. Hence, the neighborhood is a perfect place for living with kids interested in learning French.

Long Branch

Long Branch is a beautiful neighborhood in Etobicoke, Ontario, CA. The neighborhood is bounded by Lake Ontario in the south. And to the west, there is the Etobicoke Creek. You can have a relaxing time at Marie Curtis Park East Beach. Then you may have some coffee at Sunset Beach Cafe nearby.

Besides the beach, Marie Curtis also has a Dog Park. You can take your dogs there every day where they can meet other dogs. Long Branch also has many more parks to hang out with friends and families. Birch Park and Long Branch Park are some popular ones.

Access to delicious foods is also convenient as there are many restaurants available. You can get out of your home and walk to the nearest restaurant. Domino’s Pizza, Starbucks, and Pizza hut are some of the popular places to fill your stomach in the area. Vincent Massey Academy offers quality education in the Long Branch neighborhood.

Micheline-Saint-Cyr Elementary School

Micheline-Saint-Cyr Elementary School adds excellent value to the educational quality of Long Branch. The school teaches in french language. So, if you are from France or want your kids to learn French, then this can really be a good option.

The French name for the school is “École élémentaire Micheline-Saint-Cyr.” It is located at 85 Forty-First Street, Etobicoke, M8W3P1. There is a large playground in the school and students can develop their sports skills by playing different games.

The quality of elementary-level education is pretty good. It was established only a few years back and is doing a pretty good job. The teachers and other staff are highly qualified too. Inside of the school always remains neat and clean. There hasn’t been a single COVID-19 case in 2020-21 in the school. So, you can send your kids to the school without any worry if you are living in the Long Branch neighborhood or in a nearby location.

You can drive to Micheline-Saint-Cyr Elementary School from 405 The West Mall #910, Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada, quite easily. First, head west and get onto the west mall. Then take a left turn and 140 meters ahead again take a left to get onto Burnhamthorpe Rd. 84 meters ahead again take a left turn and continue driving on the left road straight for about 2 kilometers then 1.2 kilometers more on Brown’s Line. Soon you will see Municipal Park, 25 Ansell Ave, Etobicoke, ON M8W 3P8, Canada. You have entered the Long Branch neighborhood.

From the Municipal Park, head south on Brown’s Line, and after driving approximately 100 meters, take a sharp left turn onto Lake Shore Blvd W. 240 meters ahead, you will find The Tale Indian cuisine and bar, 3747 Lake Shore Blvd W Unit 1, Etobicoke, ON M8W 1P9, Canada. It’s a vegetarian restaurant. Besides that, there is a bike-sharing station, Bike Share Toronto.

Continue driving east on Lake Shore Blvd W. Take a right turn 170 meters ahead after crossing Canada Post and get onto Thirty-Seventh St. On the way, you will see Long Branch’s single-family houses. Then 550 meters ahead, take a right turn and get onto Lake Promenade. Head west and 110 meters ahead will be The Thirty-Eighth Street Park, 351 Lake Promenade, Etobicoke, ON M8W 1B8, Canada, on your left.

Drive southwest and after a minute, when you see Marie Curtis Park, take a right turn. You can see the waterfront trail where you take the turn to get onto Forty-second st. 260 meters ahead onto the Forty-second st, 45 Forty-second street apartments, 45 Forty Second St, Etobicoke, ON M8W 3P4, Canada will be on your right. On your right is the Marie Curtis Playground. You are minutes away from your Micheline-Saint-Cyr Elementary School.

Continue driving northwest on Forty-second st. Take the first right turn 110 meters ahead and get onto James st. Then take a left turn on reaching the first cross street. 110 meters ahead, on your right, is the Micheline-Saint-Cyr Elementary School, 85 Forty First St, Etobicoke, ON M8W 3P1, Canada.

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